Parts & Products Offered by Swift Current Diesel

Swift Current Diesel helps customers obtain the correct materials needed for a variety of diesel repair services. Fuel injection parts, fuel additives, oils, filters, and much more are all items that we can help you acquire. Our parts and products are made from leading suppliers, making us a reliable and cost-effective resource for all diesel needs. Continue reading below for more information and give us a call with any questions or concerns.

Fuel Injection Parts

Fuel injection parts

We carry a variety of power and performance enhancement products, exchange fuel injection components, replacement fuel injection parts and turbochargers for all applications.  We have a wide range of engine parts and components available for all makes and models.

Swift Current Diesel is Western Canada’s largest rebuilder of Cummins PT injectors and pumps, and can custom calibrate your pump and injectors to make your engine perform better than new.

Fuel Additives

fuel additives

Swift Current Diesel provides fuel additives, which are strongly recommended to protect your engine and fuel system. We carry Stanadyne Performance Formula and 4 Plus Premium fuel additives, both of which contain cetane improvers for increased mileage, horsepower, and easier starting. They also have antioxidants in them to keep fuel fresher, along with demulsifiers to separate out water, making filters more effective. They are alcohol free to avoid corrosion. Other cold weather products include Polar Max, and Diesel Melt, which contains a fast acting anti-gel for emergency fuel defrosting.

Oils & Filters

Oil products

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